About Us

We're in America – The Israeli/Jewish publication

We are very proud to present to you a unique monthly publication for the Israeli/Jewish community, which allows you introduce your business first hand to a very big and affluent group of people. Our magazine includes articles on a variety of subjects ranging from Israeli and American politics to nutrition, psychology & Jewish holidays. Our magazine is visually very appealing. The magazine is digitally printed on the best paper with a glossy finish, in full color with beautiful photographs of the highest resolution and with gorgeous graphics.

Our Mission:

To bring together the Israelis who made their new home in the USA, into a united and vibrant community.

How do we intend to achieve it?

"We're in America" – the Israeli/Jewish Magazine, maintains a growing distribution to more than 200 locations spreading from Orange county through Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley. Some distribution is being done also in Las Vegas, Nevada and even in Phoenix, Arizona. Israeli/Mediterranean/Middle Eastern restaurants, markets, libraries, bookstores, medical clinics and lawyers' offices are among the places, which are supplied with our issues of our magazine, to be given away for FREE. This allows us to reach a widespread audience of new readers.

"We're in America" – The Israeli/Jewish Magazine, is focused on Israelis living in the USA. It is an editorially independent, full colored, glossy, monthly magazine offering the readers original Hebrew journalism from the USA, Israel and the rest of the world, featuring a variety of educational, entertaining, and sometimes spiritual articles.

"We're in America" raises awareness about local and international Israeli, Jewish and cultural issues. The Israeli Magazine serves as an open forum and virtual meeting place for an Israeli/Jewish population of over 500,000 who reside in the greater Los Angeles area.

Since the publication of the first issue, Hebrew readers fell in love with our magazine and are anxiously looking forward to the next issue. "We're in America" reaches between 40,000-50,000 readers each month, and the numbers are growing every day! Moreover, our advertisers continue to get NEW clients from ads, which they had placed in old issues. So we know that the magazines are not being thrown away and in some cases – people collect them, because they are visually beautiful and provide the readers with captivating articles dealing with such issues as relationships, business, child rearing, proper nutrition, sex, internet, entertainment, short stories and more.

Israel is a country of ingathering of the exiles. The Israelis, who live in the USA, are no different. Some of them come from Russia or Iran, but on the way to the USA lived in Israel for a number of years and learned the language. So they are also a part of our readership. Hundreds of schools in the USA are teaching Hebrew to Jewish American children; these kids and their parents are potential readers too.

What makes "We're in America" – The Israeli/Jewish magazine, unique in its field?

Our magazine is the ONLY monthly magazine in the county, written in Hebrew. Our name states it very clearly: "We're in America," and we write about our life here and not about the life in Israel. Most of our writers are from within the Israeli community, so they are close to the readers and are facing the same challenges as they do.

"We're in America" is a very personal magazine and to read it is like sitting and talking with your friends, which gets the readers more interested in what we have to say.